Best SEO Plugins You Can Use For WordPress

February 15, 2020

WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform used by a lot of website owners. It boasts of useful features that makes maintaining websites easy and enjoyable. Another great thing about WordPress is that it has lots of plugins that you can use for search engine optimization. Plugins are heaven-sent for non-techies who are not into hardcore programming and website development. There are lots of plugins available so it’s best to choose the ones that can be beneficial for your website.
Headspace 2
This plugin is used for creating meta titles and descriptions, analytics, and customizing archives, to name a few. It is a great tool for optimizing specific pages of your website. It can be tricky to use at first but it’s easy once you get used to it.
WP SEO By Yoast
This plugin is loaded with features that will surely delight any website owner. Its functions include snippets, page analysis, breadcrumbs, social integration, RSS optimization, webmaster tools verification, and xml site mapping. You will find its snippet preview function very useful because it allows you to have an idea of how your page or post will appear in search results. The plugin also has allows page analysis in which you can check the length of your posts, if your descriptions are complete, and many more. And the best thing about it? It’s free. check here do not find it necessary to install other plugins if they already have WP SEO By Yoast.
All-In-One SEO Pack
Also known as AIO, this plugin is one of the most popular due to its simplicity and functionality. This is a great tool for beginners who know little about tweaking websites. If you are an advanced user, you can customize using this plugin.
Of course, there’s always the standard plugins that will work wonders for your website. These include:
Google XML Sitemap
This is the type of plugin that you just install one time and let it do its work on its own. It is designed to make and submit sitemaps, which allows the search engines to efficiently get more information from your website. You can use this for all types of pages generated by WordPress.
Google Site Verification
If you need to verify your website on the webmaster tools used by Google, this is the plugin for you. If you use this, you don’t have to think about other means of verification. All you need to do is install and access it through your Google account.
Like the name suggests, this plugin is used when you are redirecting existing pages to another website. You can find this very useful if you decide to migrate from an old website or when you get a new directory for your WordPress installation. The plugin allows users to redirect to random pages or based on referrers, among other things.
There are other plugins available for WordPress, some made for advanced users who want to do complex customizations on their websites. Always go with the free stuff, but don’t hesitate to invest on paid plugins if you find features that will make your website more optimized.