WordPress Link Structure

February 15, 2020

If you have a WordPress blog and you want to promote the posts of articles you write, you need to make sure each blog post has a searchable URL. WordPress has a default setting that assigns a number to every post, so if you do not change these settings each post will have a URL starting with your blog name and ending with /?p= and then that assigned number.
Many people write articles for their blogs and instead of their specific URL for that post ending with their article title words, they end with something like this: /?p=123/ which is not searchable at all by search engines. Search the internet and you will realize that there are thousands of blog owners who are having the exact same problem.
To change the WordPress link structure so that it includes your post title instead of these unsearchable endings you can go to your WordPress Dashboard, scroll down to “Settings”, and click on “Permalinks”. A dialogue box will open.
Uncheck the radio button next to “Default” and check the radio button next to “Custom Structure”. Make sure you save the changes you make when you are finished.

In the dialogue box next to “Custom Structure” you can input a number of things that will become part of the unique URL for that post. Whatever structure you use will then be the structure used to create all of the URL’s for every post on your WordPress blog. You can make date and time written be part of the URL; you can category, author, and post name be part of it too. Any combination will be available to you for your WordPress link structure.
If you want only to promote the actual post name, which is what I would suggest, you can go to the box next to “Custom Structure” and type: /%postname%/ (Where postname is in this example you would type your blog post title. WordPress will automatically insert a dash to fill any spaces.) Once you have done that and saved your changes, the URL for your article will be your blog URL followed only by the actual post title. Now with your WordPress link structure set to make all post URL’s contain your post titles you have a chance that search engine spiders will rank your post for the key words in your title!
If you make these changes and you still have the old link structure, it most likely is the way your “Permissions” are set. Changing “Permissions” will be covered in another article and video.